Sunday, 1 January 2017

January 1st 2017.. the start of 365 days of journaling

Hello , and welcome to my brand new blog!
A litle while ago i read an article in a magazine about someone who collaged everyday. It got me thinking that although my daytime, and sometimes night time job is in the craft world, it wasn't often I did anything for me! So, with that in mind, I decided that in 2017, I would create everyday in a journal. I chose a vintage journal that I have had in my stash for ages. I cannot even remember where I got it, but it has 498 pages, plus some amazing writing in the front.
The purpose is to just create, no ideas in mind, every page different or similar if I find a technique I like. Use up my stash, ( of which I have masses! ) paint, inks, sprays, stencils, fabric, drawings, collage, paper, stamps, in fact anything goes!
If I don't get time to do a whole page, then part of a page, or something stuck in will suffice.
 NO RULES!  No time, then do the page the next day.. that is my motto, and for the first time in my crafting career, I am going to make time!! Haha , you laugh, but I am determined, and this blog, plus my own facebook page hopefully will be testament to that. I have also created a group for you to join in, if you wish.
Here is today's page plus a picture of the journal am working in, which is about A4 size

I would love it if you could join me and create 365 days of the year
See you tomorrow


  1. Woohoo art every day for a year sounds like fun.. Love the no rules part..

  2. great idea Jennie, happy to watch from the sidelines though, LOL

  3. Fabulous idea Jennie & I have every confidence you will enjoy seeing it develop through the year!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Love & hugs Ann xxc

  4. Am joining you on this Jennie if that's ok ? X

  5. great idea, Jennie... good luck, I will follow your progress with interest!

  6. Would love to join you but have already missed day 1 and can't get anywhere near my craft room to start!!! 😊Xxx

  7. Oooh ..... what a great idea. I'd love to join in, I've had a couple of journals for a few years and can't bring myself to actually put anything in them! Doing something everyday is a fab idea ..... but I will have to play catch up. xx


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